My name is Sacha (McElligott) Schermerhorn—welcome to my website!

I was born in London to a musician and a photographer, and moved to San Francisco when I was 6. As a kid I attended the Paul Green School of Rock, focused heavily on art and chess, skied, and made skateboarding videos with my friends. Exploring these diverse interests played a huge role in shaping me!

Work-wise, I did ~8 years in neuroscience before getting into startups. My time in neuroscience resulted in 2 major fellowships from the NSF and NIH (~$200k total), 1 publication (another on its way!), 12 conference presentations, a departmental thesis award, and 6 university-wide grants.

After getting into Pioneer I co-founded Lolly (more on us here.) I can’t tell you how much those experiences changed my life. I am so lucky.

Currently, I’m helping startups with product and growth as well as hacking away at some side projects! For various reasons, I’m keeping those startups and side projects private (at least for now.)

If you’d like to know more about my work background, it’s all on my LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me!